Life Can Be Short

I begin this blog today by tributing it to my uncle Michael Vallett.

Life can be short. This is why we need to make every day the very best day possible.

My uncle Michael (Mike) Vallett was always full of life. You could hear his laugh from a whole house away. You wouldn’t know what he was laughing about but you would just have to smile and have a little laugh too because if was infectious.

Last night, my two brothers and my Dad went to St. Louis to see him for what we believe could be the last time. For such a jolly man that he was was in years past, life hasn’t been kind to him. Many years ago he was in a automobile accident and broke his back. At that time I was newly married and I don’t believe that I knew the magnitude of the situation. I never realized this few minutes would shape the rest of his life. From that time things were never easy. Being the youngest sibling of my Dad he was always around as my Dad was and still is a Father figure to him. That’s what makes this situation so hard because this is a very out of control feeling for my Dad.

The Vallett Family Many Years Ago prior to my uncle Mike’s accident. L-R-Silas (My Dad), Gary, Alberta, Gene & Mike

So, as I reflect today all that comes to my mind is what could I have done differently. If all those years ago I knew the things I did today I would have made sure that he had better food go into his body to help him heal. I would begin with grass fed beef bone broth! Bone broth is the best healing agent that I know. Used on a daily basis through a gel that has been frozen or drank daily. It will heal the body and ease aches and pains and build your immune system. We have customers that swear by it. We have a customer that even takes it with him when he winters in Florida as due to his back problems uses it on a daily basis. If you haven’t tried this, please do. You will not be sorry. If you need healthy grass fed beef bones visit this link: Bones for bone broth.

What else would I do? I guess I would just be there more. We just don’t realize how fast life goes and how fast someone that is important to your life can be gone. Please remember to reach out and tell those closest to you that they matter and that you love them. This is my thought for the day. Embrace every moment as it may be the last. Give an extra hug, help someone along your way and never wait to tell someone that you love them.

See you tomorrow!

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