Thank Goodness It’s Spring!

It’s a beautiful spring day on the farm. We’re all so glad to see the sunshine and the warmer temperatures. It’s a busy time on the farm this morning. Lathan is loading a hay trailer of a fellow Missouri farmer this morning. Missouri had a terrible drought last summer and we’re glad that we have hay left to sell to these farmers. People helping people, that’s what life’s about!

Weather is the worst enemy and can be the best friend of the farmer. To much rain, not enough rain, I tell Larry “God doesn’t know what to give you!” This past winter we definitely had tooooo much rain. Our poor cows were standing in mud and all we could do is just keep moving them to a LESS muddy area. We made it and are now enjoying the sunshine!

EmmieLu enjoying the warm temperatures. She’s an outside girl!

MawMaw and EmmieLu spend a lot of time outdoors. The guys can’t go outside that she’s not reaching for her rubber boots saying “I go too”. So…out we go!

You may wonder what does the green grass do for our cattle? Green grass helps grass fed cattle have more Omega 3 & 6 which is extremely good for the body. It also makes a more lean meat. Grain makes fat which does help to make what they call “prime” but we believe “choice” is the better choice for your body. You will get just the right amount of fat and the right kind of fat. If you haven’t tried grass fed beef, give it a try!

Time to sign off and get to work on this bright sunny day! Enjoy your day everyone and I’ll look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

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