I’m The Grass Fed Momma

Life Down On The Farm

Hi all! I’m Pam Dierks and I’m the “Grass Fed Momma”. No…I don’t eat grass but the cows I love do! I’m a believer is what natural farming can do for our wellness and our family. I hate the thought of feeding my family ANYTHING that has came into contact with antibiotics or steroids and don’t believe in feeding our cattle grain. I believe that our cattle should be raised the way they did years ago and not to be supplemented with products that have been created to gain the producers wealth. I also believe that I don’t want to feed any of our customers anything that I wouldn’t feed my own family!

Pam Dierks of Dierks Farms Grass Fed Beef
“Grass Fed Momma”

Why am I starting this blog? I want to share our stories with the public to show you how our life is down on the farm. We do things a little differently than people in the city. We believe in hard work, just like you do and we do work long hours, just like many of you. Sometimes the things that happen while we are doing those things are a quite funny. That’s what I’m going to share with you! We have a passion for what we believe in and we work towards providing that every day and we have fun while we do what we do.

What can you expect? You may see sometimes I may just have a cute little story about my Granddaughter EmmieLu or something funny the boys, Lane and Lathan do or maybe a funny story about myself or Larry. I may also tell you about my adventures in going to Chicago to visit our daughter and our bonus son to be Ben. That can be a blog in itself 🙂 The Grass Fed Momma let loose in Chicago!!

Follow along with me and I’ll throw in some yummy recipes we use on the farm that will create some healthy comfort food for your family. I’m looking forward to talking with you on a daily basis!

See you tomorrow!

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